Take Control of your
Tasks and Events

Manage your tasks collected in many systems on one dashboard.

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Awesome Features


Multi boards

See tasks on few different views like list, kanban board or calendar.


Common task form

Edit or add task to different systems with the same one form.


Plan your day in one place

See an d organize tasks from different systems to one TODO list.


Easy access

Access to your tasks from multi devices via cloud interface.


One kanban for all systems

The most popular agile task bord will be now available in all systems. You can manage Google Tasks or Gitlab task on kanban board.

Connect tasks from many systems

Different teams use different tasks systems. Right now you can see, add or edit tasks in many external systems in one place.

Right now we support:

  •  Google Tasks
  •  Google Calendar
  •  Github Issues
  •  Github Pull Requests

List of supported systems will be extend.


Our Pricing

Right now system is in beta phase and it is free. In future will be introduced premium packages with more features but always base version will be free.